Saturday, October 8, 2011

Karly's 4th Birthday Wiggles Cake!

I started with a 9" hexagon cake.  Chocolate/vanilla marble cake.

Covered with dark purple fondant and doweled to support the top tier.

The top tier is a 6" strawberry cake.

Covered with vanilla butter cream.

Stacked and ready to decorate.  This cake was pretty dusty from the corn starch used to roll out the fondant. hmmmm...

I really need to find someone who can model for me.  All interested parties should apply within! lol!  I think I rocked the car...but the Wiggles men looked like they morphed into frogs and somehow lost their necks?  It was my best effort.  It gives me something to work towards getting better at in the future! :)

Finished product with stripes, diamond, and a green butter cream bead border.

All the Wiggles' friends are at the party! 

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